Our dog day care at Little Dale Dogs provides your dog with a safe, fun and healthy play environment to increase their social skills, exercise their body and give hours of play to stimulate their mind. Our premises in Hawkhurst, Kent is the ideal location for this with purpose designed rooms and large hall.

Daycare operates from 8am5.30pm Monday to Friday. Our pet taxi service is great for owners who may not be able to drop their dog to us.

8am we open our doors.

Most of our day care dogs arrive between 8am and 9.30am (although owners are free to drop them off whenever they like).The dogs find it very exciting coming into day care, and the hustle of new dogs arriving, so all the dogs go into individual dens to settle with a kong. All the dogs are taken out individually to go to the toilet during this time to help calm them. Dogs need to be in the right state of mind to be able to interact with other dogs appropriately.

9.30am – once the dogs are calm they are then split up into appropriately play groups. We usually have 2 or 3 groups depending on the mixture of dogs that we have in. Groups are taken down to the hall and swapped over frequently. In the hall the dogs participate in gentle play, cuddles with the daycare team, chilling out on the sofas and positive interactions with other dogs.

12.30 – lunch time! Some dogs bring lunch with them. All dogs are taken out individually to go to the toilet. Quiet time to relax after a busy morning in their play groups.

1.30pm – Dogs split up into their play groups again for more time in the hall.

3.30pm – All dogs taken out individually to go to the toilet.

4.30pm – Dogs encouraged to settle in dens as owners start to arrive to collect them. The sound of people and dogs coming and going gets some dogs excited so we try to keep them as calm as possible during this time.

We ask all dogs are collected by 5.30. The day care team then do the cleaning ready for the next day.

All timings are approximate and depend on the number of dogs in our care and each dogs individual needs.

Unfortunately we are unable to show people round our day care facility during the day as advised by our insurance company. This is for the security and protection of the dogs in our care as well as the risk to the person of dogs getting over excited/fearful of a stranger coming in.