A dog who doesn’t come back when you call them is not only annoying, but can be a hazard to their safety and others around you. It normally means they are unable to have off lead freedom on walks.

Our recall course works on the 3 main elements of leadwork:
  • Teaching your dog to come back when you call.
  • Getting your dog to be aware of where you are on walks, and how far away from you they are allowed to go.
  • Making your dog want to stick closer to you on walks.
Exercises are taught in the controlled environment of the hall before being transferred outside.

We recommend a harness and a long line when training a recall. Equipment will be available to try / borrow in class.

Recall can be run as an hour’s group class with up to 6 dogs, or as a 30 minute individual 1-2-1 session.

All our training sessions run on a monthly basis. Sign up and pay in advance for the sessions you can do that month (we don’t charge you if you know in advanced you cant come to a session). New classes starting the first week of every month. See prices page for more information.